Diamonds in the Chapada Diamantina – Bahia, Brazil

Just before starting a new trip to Brazil (into manganese mineral deposits in Goiás and Minas Gerais), this is a new photogallery for a 2004 road trip aimed at learning about the Bahia diamond deposits (geology, formation, history, social and natural settings). Of course, it was just the perfect pretext for four old friends getting … Continue reading Diamonds in the Chapada Diamantina – Bahia, Brazil

Bahia (Brazil) diamonds – Andaraí, Chapada Diamantina

Travelling with a friend a couple of years ago in the Brazilian hinterland, I had the opportunity to photograph diamond parcels from several locations. This photo was captured in Andaraí, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia. The region is a classical diamond producing area that has seen its heyday several decades ago, especially during WW II; current diamond … Continue reading Bahia (Brazil) diamonds – Andaraí, Chapada Diamantina