Sri Lanka’s wild

Sri Lanka is in the top of my list of countries to visit again. Go if you have never been there; return if you already have.

It is a natural paradise inhabited by friendly people – history, spices, beaches, mountains covered by pristine jungle or tea plantations, gems, handicraft and the humid warm monsoon breeze, all wait for you.

No, I haven’t a job at Sri Lanka’s tourist office. I have been there last year and should be here again right now (life has many turns and twists).

Angelo Roy was our guide during our travels in the country. He is the owner of a local tour company  – (I couldn’t recommend him more); he just started a website with pictures of Sri Lanka’s wild (check his awesome website – – and photo gallery – Sri Lanka’s wild).

You got it; if you ever travel to Sri Lanka, my suggestion is contact Angelo.

If you are curious enough, I have shared what I have seen in one of my photo galleries: Places and people of Sri Lanka.

The Portuguese mineral industry – update

Portugal has a long tradition in the mining industry (in our European heartland and, during our long and rich History, in other territories in South America, Africa, Asia). Romans mined (gold and other metals, natural stone) in what is now the Portuguese territory and before them the Celts and Phoenicians.

The  Portuguese mining industry is now built around three main pillars:

  1. The natural stone sector (with hundreds of active marble, granite and limestone quarries and high quality manufacturing centers – we are the largest per capita natural stone exporter: market research here).
  2. The metals (especially Au and W – in the country’s north and center – and Cu-Zn in VMS Iberian Pyrite Belt – in the south).
  3. Industrial rocks and minerals (kaolinite, felspar, aggregates, etc.).

There are several active exploration – evaluation projects (base metals, gold, tungsten) in the country and high potential for lithium and other mineral commodities. To know more about our mineral industry, just read Mineral Resources of Portugal, the latest official statistical information or, better still, contact us at

Portuguese infrastructure is first-class and where else do you find warmer people and weather and better food and wine?