DIAMANG discovered and developed the Angolan diamond deposits over a period of sixty years. Four decades after its demise, there has been not a single deposit exploited in Angola that hasn’t been found by this company. Until 1971, DIAMANG had a monopoly to explore for and mine diamonds in Angola. It exploited alluvial deposits with unparalleled success and discovered the kimberlite clusters that are today’s backbone of the Angolan industry – Catoca, Camatchia and Camútuè just to name a few.

Many people and institutions have been involved in the Angolan diamond industry during the last 100 years; places and natural features unknown until then have fallen under the spotlight of the industry. Among those involved, some had a leading role. DIAMOND was the greatest among them; this gallery (in time, a set galleries) honors the Company and the men and women that built it.

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