Economic Geology is the focus of this website (and blog). I am currently changing the pages structure and content. Meanwhile you can access information and resources on specific themes:

  • Maps on Angola diamond deposits (one of our specialties):
    • geoLunda
    • geoAngola
  • Other minerals and deposits:
    • VMS deposits and the Iberian Pyrite Belt.
    • Pegmatites.
    • Gems.
    • W, Au, Nb-Ta, Sn, REE.
    • Natural stone.
  • Country profiles, reports and information:
    • Angola.
    • Brazil.
    • Mozambique.
    • Portugal.
    • Republic of Congo (Brazzaville).
  • Evaluation and Valuation, Resources & Reserves:
    • Standards.
    • Methods.
  • New frontiers: Above the Sky & Under the Sea.
  • Exploration and Mining – methods and technology:
    • Sampling.
    • Alluvial mining.
    • UAV, GPS, GIS, remote sensing.
    • Geochemistry.
    • Geophysics.
    • Portable XRF.
    • Quarrying.
    • Underground mining.
    • Separation and concentration.
    • Blasting things.
    • From prospect to smelter, global optimisation.
  • Mining and society:
    • Legal.
    • Markets.
    • Conflict minerals and the Kimberley Process.
    • Sustainability.
    • What when a mine closes?

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