Of lions, diamonds and nymphs (Angola trip, last week)


I have just finished an exploratory trip to a new alluvial project in Lunda Norte. Travelled by dirt road from Saurimo to Lucapa between the Luachimo and Chiumbe rivers and back on the “normal” road (Lucapa – Luó – Saurimo, in between the Luachimo and Chicapa rivers). It’s a land of lions, diamonds and nymphs, it’s the heartland of the Angolan diamond deposits.

Later on, I visited Luanda and had a short (close to) perfect trip just after the Barra do Cuanza. I have just published the photo gallery of last weeks’ travels on my blog; this photo is just the first of my favourites.

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Luís Chambel

Exploration & Research Mining Engineer, MSc Engineering Geology, MBA, PhD European Engineer -EUR ING; Euro Geologist - EURO GEOL

One thought on “Of lions, diamonds and nymphs (Angola trip, last week)

  1. Hi Luis, many diamond mines are using our sonic drilling rigs in angola for their exploration needs.
    let me know when this is of interest for you and i can set you up with a demo at one of the existing users.



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