Deep-Sea Mineral Platform and Report Launched by the World Economic Forum

  • Sea-floor deposits of cobalt, nickel and lithium and other minerals could soon become commercially available
  • Venues for policy makers, mining industry and environmental organizations exist, but companies that use these minerals had no space to learn about and take thoughtful action on this topic
  • To inform and provide a channel for action, the World Economic Forum has launched the Deep-Sea Minerals Dialogue as an impartial platform for mineral sourcing manufacturers and metal markets
  • A new report highlights why mineral sourcing manufacturers and metal markets need to engage now on the deep-sea mineral discussion.

The World Economic Forum has just launched a digital platform on deep-sea minerals, one of the new frontiers in mining.
They have also released a report stressing that mineral sourcing manufacturers and metal markets need to engage now on the deep-sea mineral discussion.

Dominic Waughray, Managing Director, World Economic Forum said: “Deep-sea mining is a cross-cutting topic that could affect both progress on climate action as well as the preservation of biodiversity and is connected with the transition to a circular economy. Stakeholders owe it to themselves and to the planet alike to make the wisest decision possible.” 

The next years are critical as regulatory, technology and investment decisions are being made. These decisions could determine the environmental and social impact of deep-sea minerals. Although the minerals may not enter supply chain for a few years, examples involving cobalt mining from the Democratic Republic of Congo and palm oil supply from Indonesia, show that failing to act early, can result in costly efforts to clean up the supply chain and reputational impact afterwards.

The full press release is available here.

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Luís Chambel

Exploration & Research Mining Engineer, MSc Engineering Geology, MBA, PhD European Engineer -EUR ING; Euro Geologist - EURO GEOL

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