Yesterday’s seminar on Angolan diamonds available on YouTube

For those that weren’t able to attend live the seminar on yesterday’s Angolan diamonds: into the XXI century, you can always watch it on YouTube: just click this link.

It’s the latest of the Ore Deposits Hub seminars (ODH31, Luís Chambel). Since you are there, you can also watch other past seminars (the quality is very high and the choice is large; I am sure you’ll find many that will interest you).

You may have questions or suggestions concerning the Angolan diamonds.

I am always open and interested in collaborating in research and industrial projects related to the exploration, (e)valuation and mining of mineral deposits and their economical, social and environmental impacts.

In either case, drop me a line to

If you are interested in Economic Geology, I recommend you register at the Ore Deposits Hub, a platform sharing cutting-edge geology seminars from academic and industry experts. The Ore Deposits Hub is a center for open discussion on exploration, metallogeny, resource economic and more.

It is an excellent educational resource for all aspects of mineral resources, including operation, sustainability, environment, and social!
I couldn’t recommend more that you register to get updated on what they do. It’s simple: just do it here.

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