CINZEL STONEWORKS, new Portuguese design in stone


CINZEL has just launched their maiden line of designed stone products in this year’s edition of MAISON&OBJET. In their own words, CINZEL is natural stone worked with passion into a young and bold design – A new brand intended for fun and beauty in furniture and decorative items.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.16.00
CINZEL – Calçada product line

CINZEL’s first collection is inspired in the Portuguese ‘Calçada’ – street pavement made of irregular hand cut stone cubes, traditionally in a mix of black and white (cobblestone). It will be focused on interiors furniture and decorative objects.

The collection is inspired by ‘Calçada’ contrasts, namely:

  • Fragmentation vs. Continuity
  • Unity vs. Duality
  • Regular vs. Irregular

The color selection is also aligned with the Portuguese ‘Calçada’. Three Portuguese marble types were selected:

  • Ruivina (black),
  • Estremoz Branco (White) and
  • Pele de Tigre (white with grey veining).

CECILE MESTELANJOANA CONCEIÇÃO, MARIANA ESTEVES SERRA are the designers behind this collection and INÊS MARTINS of Mármores Central Porto de Mós, the project’s soul, four women in the forefront of Portuguese stone.


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Luís Chambel

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