Chança River valley VMS cross section uncut video footage

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.06.25.png
Chança River VMS deposit (Alentejo – Portugal, Iberian Pyrite Belt)

Last week I had the opportunity to document the Chança River valley VMS deposit cross section. This small outcropping deposit is located north of the old (now abandoned) São Domingos mine – Iberian Pyrite Belt.

The 5 min (uncut, 720p) video can be seen here (yes, I need to edit it as soon as I have some time – too many reports to write just now). It was captured in 4k resolution with a DJI Phantom IV Pro drone platform. The video was taken last week – May 9 – during a field visit to the location in the FIELD EXPLORATION WORKSHOP I – Hydrothermal alteration related with massive sulphide mineralization.

Additional photo gallery available here (just click the link), including pictures of the São Domingos mine.

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Luís Chambel

Exploration & Research Mining Engineer, MSc Engineering Geology, MBA, PhD European Engineer -EUR ING; Euro Geologist - EURO GEOL

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