It may not warm your heart; it’s nonetheless a hot discussion

Pope Francis added Catholic’s Church view on the climate change and environment’s degradation to an already polemic issue.

I have just been sent a link to Bloomberg Business website on the issue. Good scientific journalism: simple yet rigorous information. I hope it will help you build an informed opinion:

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Luís Chambel

Exploration & Research Mining Engineer, MSc Engineering Geology, MBA, PhD European Engineer -EUR ING; Euro Geologist - EURO GEOL

2 thoughts on “It may not warm your heart; it’s nonetheless a hot discussion

  1. Yes we are probably going to witness a short term warming event, which may trigger the next Ice age (This seems to be the pattern over the last 200,000 years (steady increase followed by rapid cooling). What the mechanisms are I am not yet totally convinced. However rather than racing around trying to stop CO2 generation (may take some time), we should be spending more effort on getting our civilization ready for the regime to come. Stop building infrastructure on coastal plains, start developing Tundra regions for agriculture, build a few dams where rainfall is going to increase (SE Australia) etc etc.

    1. The pope sounds more practical than many others who comment without a scientific training. Polar ice is already melting rapidly so it is hard to see why reducing CO2 in the atmosphere at this stage is so pressing. Cities such as New Orleans and Miami should be hiring Dutch water engineers now in the hope of saving their infrastructure.

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