Natural stone – Portuguese emerges as leader

Natural Stone per capita imports and exports 2013
Natural Stone per capita imports and exports 2013

According to 2013 provisional data from the international trade UN database, with close to 45 USD/person, Portugal is the per capita world leader in natural stone exports.

A traditional stone loving country, Portugal is a producer of natural stone with a mix that includes marble, limestone and granite blocks, slabs and, particularly, end-products and projects. The country is currently (2013 data) the seventh largest natural stone world exporter (457 M USD).

Sínese has been involved in natural stone projects for a quarter of a century, in Portugal but also elsewhere. Luís Caetano, our expert, worked for the major Portuguese stone exporters, with projects all over the world. For further information or advice on natural stone projects, contact us at or use the contact form.

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Luís Chambel

Exploration & Research Mining Engineer, MSc Engineering Geology, MBA, PhD European Engineer -EUR ING; Euro Geologist - EURO GEOL

2 thoughts on “Natural stone – Portuguese emerges as leader

    1. Bom dia. Obrigado pelo comentário – a posição de liderança portuguesa é o resultado do trabalho de muitos extratores e transformadores anónimos, simultaneamente inovadores e herdeiros de uma tradição milenar de trabalho da pedra.

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