Chança River valley VMS cross section uncut video footage

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.06.25.png
Chança River VMS deposit (Alentejo – Portugal, Iberian Pyrite Belt)

Last week I had the opportunity to document the Chança River valley VMS deposit cross section. This small outcropping deposit is located north of the old (now abandoned) São Domingos mine – Iberian Pyrite Belt.

The 5 min (uncut, 720p) video can be seen here (yes, I need to edit it as soon as I have some time – too many reports to write just now). It was captured in 4k resolution with a DJI Phantom IV Pro drone platform. The video was taken last week – May 9 – during a field visit to the location in the FIELD EXPLORATION WORKSHOP I – Hydrothermal alteration related with massive sulphide mineralization.

Additional photo gallery available here (just click the link), including pictures of the São Domingos mine.



O Decreto-Lei nº 165/2014, em Diário da República nº 214/2014, Série I de 2014-11-05, Ministério do Ambiente, Ordenamento do Território e Energia, “no uso da autorização legislativa concedida pela Lei nº 45/2014, de 16 de julho, estabelece, com caráter extraordinário, o regime de regularização e de alteração e ou ampliação de estabelecimentos e explorações de atividades industriais, pecuárias, de operações de gestão de resíduos e de explorações de pedreiras incompatíveis com instrumentos de gestão territorial e ou condicionantes ao uso do solo…”

Pode obter o Decreto-Lei acabado de publicar clicando aqui.




JUST RELEASED: Kimberlite Provinces of Angola Map by Sínese

The Kimberlite Provinces of Angola Map has just been released (in pdf format, A1 size). To get it, just click this link or write me an e-mail ( This map follows the release in last October of our report “One century of Angolan diamonds”, which you can still get here or writing me an e-mail.

This is a project developed by  Chambel, Correia and Caetano, the 3 Cs of Angolan diamonds 😉 . You can follow us here, our (never perfect, continuously improving) blog or at Linkedin (look for and follow Sinese in Linkedin), joining the Diamonds – Angola Linkedin group or connecting with me. You can always write me an e-mail

Comments, suggestions, questions, help requests, project proposals, joint research projects on economic geology always welcome.

One century of Angolan diamonds – a report

One century of Angolan diamonds

After many months of hard work, the report was released.

The report organizes information about the Angolan diamond industry (the deposits, the mines and prospects, the global market, regulatory and economical settings and the key institutions). This information was previously either disperse, unpublished or only available in Portuguese language sources.

” Angolan diamonds have been known for 100 years. These diamonds are famed for their high quality and high value and have attracted expert buyers from all over the world, from the giant De Beers (the exclusive buyer for many decades) to the smaller scale traders. The country is endowed in both kimberlites and alluvial diamond deposits; many of those deposits still await development. Probably many more deposits still need to be explored and discovered in a territory with a huge potential for diamond.

There is still a road to walk but the last ten years have seen an increasingly stable and growing economy in Angola, with successive elections being certified as free and fair by international organizations and a growing diversified media sector. The business environment has improved and a new mining code has been approved. Transport infrastructure is also being either rebuilt or erected from scratch.

Angola is a land of many opportunities for diamond investors. It has a special business environment and specific risks and challenges; we will guide you through them in this report. We will also discuss the current situation of the international diamond markets and its future trends and the impacts they may have on the Angolan industry. In the end, we hope this report will help you establish a successful venture in this land of promise.

The report has been authored by Luís Chambel, with major contributions by Luís Caetano and Manuel Reis. It is a joint effort by Sínese and eaglestone.

This report will be regularly updated, with major revisions expected annually.

This the is first of several reports on southern Africa the mineral industries.