Rubies from Mozambique – Field report published by GIA

I have had some involvement with mineral projects in Mozambique; I follow with attention news, especially on tantalum, diamonds – Diamonds discovered in Mozambique – Mustang Resources’ Save Project, coal – and rubies – Montepuez’ GEMFIELDS rubi mine – newest updates on the world’s single largest ruby and corundum deposit.

I have just came across an excellent GIA field report on the Mozambican Montepuez ruby mine, originally published at the 2015 Spring issue of GEMS & GEMOLOGY.


Montepuez’ GEMFIELDS rubi mine – newest updates on the world’s single largest ruby and corundum deposit

Discovered in 2009, Montepuez (Mozambique) is the world’s single largest ruby and corundum deposit. GEMFIELDS acquired a 75% interest in the concession in June 2011 from Mwiriti Lda. Montepuez Ruby Mining Lda (“MRM”) is the project operator and a joint venture between Gemfields and Mwiriti Lda. GEMFIEDLS released two documents on Montepuez by SRK Consulting.

According to the Reserves and Resources presentation:

  • 16 million carats (“mct”) produced to date.
  • To date a total of USD55 million has been invested , generating current total revenue of USD122 million.

Gemfields Uncovers 40.23-Ct Ruby at Mozambique Mine (IDEX Online)

(IDEX Online) – Gemstone miner Gemfields has discovered a 40.23-carat ruby Mozambique that the firm says it believes to be one of the most important rubies unearthed in recent times.  

“The gemstone will set a new benchmark for the quality of African rubies and endorses the Montepuez deposit in Mozambique as the world’s most significant deposit presently in development,” the company said in a statement. “At 340 square kilometers, Montepuez is the largest ruby mining concession in private hands in the world today, and has already proven to be one of the most productive of all ruby mining concessions.”

Gemfields CEO Ian Harebottle said the ruby is “possibly one of the finest rubies to have been discovered in recent generations”. Gemfields own 75% of Montepuez, with local partner, Mwiriti, owning the remainder.

Full report @ IDEX Online

(November 25, ’14, 9:26 Albert Robinson)