+10 M USD: Williamson kimberlite pink diamond sold

Petra Diamonds Limited sold the exceptional 23.16 carat pink diamond recovered from the Williamson mine in Tanzania in November  into a partnership, with Petra receiving US$10,050,000 (US$433,938 per carat) for the rough stone, as well as retaining a 20% interest in the sales proceeds of the polished. The diamond was bought by Golden Yellow Diamonds on … Continue reading +10 M USD: Williamson kimberlite pink diamond sold

Pink diamonds – new research findings

Coloured diamonds attract a lot of attention nowadays – the post I have written a week ago based on a photo with coloured rough diamonds in a (Bahia?) Brazilian parcel attained record views on this blog and comments on Linkedin and Facebook. For those professional gemologists addicted (or just mildly interested) in pink – red diamonds I … Continue reading Pink diamonds – new research findings