Lithium recovery from lepidolite

Electric cars and their batteries are on the top of the public agenda; Elon Musk’s high-profile Tesla (his company and his just-launched-into-space car) and the need to decarbonise the world’s economy have turned the public’s eye into the issue of lithium batteries, normally the realm of engineers and mining investors (how many of those in … Continue reading Lithium recovery from lepidolite

Going to PDAC – meet and talk

A last minute decision – I am traveling to Toronto to attend PDAC 2016. It’s the perfect place to meet and talk: Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal, diamond and other gems, Nb-Ta and other pegmatite minerals, tungsten, gold, ferrous and base metal deposits, industrial minerals, natural stone. Challenges and opportunities. Where and when can we … Continue reading Going to PDAC – meet and talk

Congo Brazzaville – Mayoko photo gallery

Congo Brazzaville – first trip Pointe Noire to Mayoko and back (february 2013) A short but intense field trip to study the columbo-tantalite deposits in the area. Deep in the dense forest. Friendly people. Nb-Ta and Au alluvial deposits; Nb-Ta pegmatite source. Greenstone belt relic (with iron deposits).