Feira de Vitória cancelada; Vitoria Stone Fair cancelled

A feira de Vitória, uma das mais importantes feiras de pedra natural no mundo, certamente a mais importante no continente sul-americano, tem sua edição deste ano cancelada devido à situação de insegurança vivida no Estado do Espírito Santo, Brasil. The Vitoria Stone Fair, one of the key natural stone fairs in the international calendar has been cancelled … Continue reading Feira de Vitória cancelada; Vitoria Stone Fair cancelled

The Portuguese Natural Stone industry

A short updated summary Portugal is an old and important natural stone producer and exporter – 380 M USD in 2015 (roughly over 70% of it as finished products) being, on a per capita basis, the largest world exporter. The country’s stone exports have a high added value, its average price being one of (if … Continue reading The Portuguese Natural Stone industry

Guanambi (Bahia, BRAZIL): granite and cacti land

Thirteen years ago I travelled into Bahia’s (Brazil) hinterland to evaluate ornamental granite deposits. It was a very short stay (36 hours counting the flights to and from Lisbon). In following years, I travelled by land to the region (either en route to Chapada Diamantina or as a final destination) but the first impressions of … Continue reading Guanambi (Bahia, BRAZIL): granite and cacti land

The Portuguese mineral industry – update

Portugal has a long tradition in the mining industry (in our European heartland and, during our long and rich History, in other territories in South America, Africa, Asia). Romans mined (gold and other metals, natural stone) in what is now the Portuguese territory and before them the Celts and Phoenicians. The  Portuguese mining industry is now built around three main … Continue reading The Portuguese mineral industry – update