Lithium resources in Portugal

  The Lithium Resources in Portugal workshop is sponsored by Sínese. The workshop will be held later this month in Guarda. Want to talk about exploration and (e)valuation of mineral deposits in Portugal, Africa or Brazil? Drop us a line; join us at the workshop.

Lithium recovery from lepidolite

Electric cars and their batteries are on the top of the public agenda; Elon Musk’s high-profile Tesla (his company and his just-launched-into-space car) and the need to decarbonise the world’s economy have turned the public’s eye into the issue of lithium batteries, normally the realm of engineers and mining investors (how many of those in … Continue reading Lithium recovery from lepidolite

Lítio em Portugal – Relatório do grupo de trabalho

Encontra-se disponível para consulta pública o relatório do Grupo de Trabalho “Lítio”, criado por Despacho nº 15040/2016 do Secretário de Estado da Energia (publicado no D.R., 2ª Série, de 13 de dezembro de 2016). O relatório pode ser obtido no site da DGEG ou directamente aqui. Todos os interessados poderão apresentar aqui os seus comentários … Continue reading Lítio em Portugal – Relatório do grupo de trabalho

The Portuguese mineral industry – update

Portugal has a long tradition in the mining industry (in our European heartland and, during our long and rich History, in other territories in South America, Africa, Asia). Romans mined (gold and other metals, natural stone) in what is now the Portuguese territory and before them the Celts and Phoenicians. The  Portuguese mining industry is now built around three main … Continue reading The Portuguese mineral industry – update