adapt or die

2020 is a very hard year for the diamond industry (for most of us, for most industries, in fact).Lower demand, lower prices, closures, unemployment, uncertainty. The industry will recover, eventually; it’ll be different, as previous social, economic and technological trends have been accelerated or amplified by the pandemic shock and its economic aftershocks. In my … Continue reading adapt or die

The Portuguese Natural Stone industry

A short updated summary Portugal is an old and important natural stone producer and exporter – 380 M USD in 2015 (roughly over 70% of it as finished products) being, on a per capita basis, the largest world exporter. The country’s stone exports have a high added value, its average price being one of (if … Continue reading The Portuguese Natural Stone industry

In Maputo (Mozambique) next week

I will be in Maputo (Mozambique) next week (Monday to Wednesday, the 4th to the 6th April), focused on the country’s mineral industry. It’s a short stay and, unfortunately, limited to Maputo but it’s an opportunity to meet an talk about exploration and mining projects and opportunities (especially about, but not limited to, gems and diamonds, tantalite and … Continue reading In Maputo (Mozambique) next week

Boston Consulting Group on Exploration and Mining (current affairs and future trends)

Yes, these are hard times (although I just started a new consulting project today and will likely add another in the next week or so) but it’s time we leave the gloom and doom talking and start thinking (and acting) on ways to improve. I always like to pick ideas from well thought, well structured … Continue reading Boston Consulting Group on Exploration and Mining (current affairs and future trends)


The Diamond Insight Report 2015 has just been released by De Beers, with a positive starting note. Do you agree? In its Foreword, the report starts by saying that: The launch of The Diamond Insight Report 2014 opened up the diamond industry to a wider audience and identified trends and opportunities for the industry to fulfil its … Continue reading THE DIAMOND INSIGHT REPORT – DE BEERS 2015