Chança River valley VMS cross section uncut video footage

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.06.25.png
Chança River VMS deposit (Alentejo – Portugal, Iberian Pyrite Belt)

Last week I had the opportunity to document the Chança River valley VMS deposit cross section. This small outcropping deposit is located north of the old (now abandoned) São Domingos mine – Iberian Pyrite Belt.

The 5 min (uncut, 720p) video can be seen here (yes, I need to edit it as soon as I have some time – too many reports to write just now). It was captured in 4k resolution with a DJI Phantom IV Pro drone platform. The video was taken last week – May 9 – during a field visit to the location in the FIELD EXPLORATION WORKSHOP I – Hydrothermal alteration related with massive sulphide mineralization.

Additional photo gallery available here (just click the link), including pictures of the São Domingos mine.

The Portuguese mineral industry – update

Portugal has a long tradition in the mining industry (in our European heartland and, during our long and rich History, in other territories in South America, Africa, Asia). Romans mined (gold and other metals, natural stone) in what is now the Portuguese territory and before them the Celts and Phoenicians.

The  Portuguese mining industry is now built around three main pillars:

  1. The natural stone sector (with hundreds of active marble, granite and limestone quarries and high quality manufacturing centers – we are the largest per capita natural stone exporter: market research here).
  2. The metals (especially Au and W – in the country’s north and center – and Cu-Zn in VMS Iberian Pyrite Belt – in the south).
  3. Industrial rocks and minerals (kaolinite, felspar, aggregates, etc.).

There are several active exploration – evaluation projects (base metals, gold, tungsten) in the country and high potential for lithium and other mineral commodities. To know more about our mineral industry, just read Mineral Resources of Portugal, the latest official statistical information or, better still, contact us at

Portuguese infrastructure is first-class and where else do you find warmer people and weather and better food and wine?

Mineral deposits of Portugal

Mineral Resources of Portugal

Portugal has been a mining country for more than 2.000 years. Mines and deposits worked in Roman times (e.g. Aljustrel in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, Penedono in the north) are still being exploited, explored or being considered for exploitation. Yet, despite its long mining tradition, Portugal has a good potential for new deposits – Neves Corvo mine massive VMS Cu – Zn, Sn deposits discovered in 1977, Tabuaço skarn-type W (scheelite) deposit discovered recently and now being evaluated by Colt Resources – currently as an Experimental Mining Licence (EML).

The Portuguese Government published a summary report (by Luís Martins) on the country’s mineral potential. To obtain it, just click here.