Boston Consulting Group on Exploration and Mining (current affairs and future trends)

Yes, these are hard times (although I just started a new consulting project today and will likely add another in the next week or so) but it’s time we leave the gloom and doom talking and start thinking (and acting) on ways to improve.
I always like to pick ideas from well thought, well structured texts. I have just come across some recent (2015) BCG publications ( on the current state of affairs in Exploration and Mining:

A couple of other interesting documents are not available in pdf format but you can read them at:

Thanks to BCG for publishing these reports.

The smiling future of jewellery according to McKinsey & Company

Economic Geology should go outside its classical bounds of the mineral deposit, explore new paths and, at least, acknowledge what the users of the minerals we unearth are doing. Mckinsey just released a short report on the future of jewellery: A multifaceted future: The jewelry industry in 2020. For those in the gems and precious metals, it might anticipate (at least partially) the trends in mining and exploration of these resources.

It’s an interesting view with a smiling perspective; do you share it? Or will it face increasing budget competition and threat from new offers (hi tech communication, travel and exotic experience) in the new generations? Is expensive (diamond) jewellery a good hedge against economic downturns in today’s chaos? Or is it just unfashionable expensive glass?