Penedono gold prospect – old Roman works, current prospect

Penedono gold(-bearing granite-hosted quartz veins) prospect: the place, the history and the deposit NEW PHOTO GALLERY Penedono (Viseu district, northern Portugal) is home to a gold(-bearing granite-hosted quartz veins) prospect, currently being explored and evaluated by the Penedono consortium (Canadian Colt Resources and Brazilian Contécnica) –ónio. The Santo António Experimental Mining Licence (EML) in … Continue reading Penedono gold prospect – old Roman works, current prospect

Mineral deposits of Portugal

Portugal has been a mining country for more than 2.000 years. Mines and deposits worked in Roman times (e.g. Aljustrel in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, Penedono in the north) are still being exploited, explored or being considered for exploitation. Yet, despite its long mining tradition, Portugal has a good potential for new deposits – Neves … Continue reading Mineral deposits of Portugal