geoLunda is a cartography publication project developed by Sínese. It covers NE Angola, part of the Lunda provinces, in the heartland of the Angolan diamond deposits.

geoLunda compiles, updates and completes geological information originally published in five geological sheets of the 100k Geological Map of Angola. Those maps were published in the sixties and seventies during the colonial period; field and interpretation work was the responsibility of Portuguese geologists, whom we should pay homage for their high quality work.

The geological information compiled from those maps and older (mostly DIAMANG) sources was completed with data obtained from recent sources and platforms: SRTM and ASTER digital terrain models, LANDSAT imagery and processed using ArcGIS 10 to create several layers of geological knowledge published here in PDF format.

The result of the internal work of a Sínese team, this project has also drawn knowledge from past Portuguese geologists and mining engineers working in Angola.

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