Diamonds from Diamantina – MG, Brazil

Diamonds occur in many colours, shapes, sizes and transparencies. Sometimes they just look like sand (well, expensive, very expensive sand, as a lowly 10 USD/carat stone is worth more than gold – currently hovering 1.200 USD/oz); or else diamonds may be broken (chips), dotted in the inside with other minerals, eroded or pitted at the … Continue reading Diamonds from Diamantina – MG, Brazil

One century of Angolan diamonds – a report

One century of Angolan diamonds After many months of hard work, the report was released. The report organizes information about the Angolan diamond industry (the deposits, the mines and prospects, the global market, regulatory and economical settings and the key institutions). This information was previously either disperse, unpublished or only available in Portuguese language sources. … Continue reading One century of Angolan diamonds – a report