Goldman Small Cap Research investment report on Brazil Minerals (gold and diamonds)

Brazil Minerals, Inc. (OTCQB: BMIX), a U.S. holding company with revenues from gold and diamonds, announced that Goldman Small Cap Research had issued an investment report on BMIX. The report can be accessed here (from our repository) or at Brazil Minerals’ website.    

Not just diamonds – Jequitinhonha river gold

The old Tejuco settlement in Minas Gerais of the then Portuguese colony of Brazil was the birthplace of the modern diamond industry in the first quarter of the XVIII century. Until then diamonds originated in India and other minor localities in the East. After that, predominance in the diamond production changed into the South Atlantic … Continue reading Not just diamonds – Jequitinhonha river gold

Zimbabwean diamonds in Brazil

Zimbabwean diamonds were in the news recently, with reports of their alluvial deposits – the base of their boom production in the last years – being close to exhaustion. These ones were photographed in Diamantina, Minas Gerais (Brazil), far from home. They are not the prettiest thing, certainly not like the famed Angolan alluvial diamonds … Continue reading Zimbabwean diamonds in Brazil

Diamonds from Diamantina – MG, Brazil

Diamonds occur in many colours, shapes, sizes and transparencies. Sometimes they just look like sand (well, expensive, very expensive sand, as a lowly 10 USD/carat stone is worth more than gold – currently hovering 1.200 USD/oz); or else diamonds may be broken (chips), dotted in the inside with other minerals, eroded or pitted at the … Continue reading Diamonds from Diamantina – MG, Brazil