Curso: Introdução à Gemologia

Curso Maria José Trindade

A Maria José Trindade, que organiza e lecciona o curso, é uma gemóloga com uma rara base científica, garantia da qualidade dos cursos que lecciona. Para se inscrever no curso de Introdução à Gemologia do próximo dia 9 de Julho (em Lisboa) basta aceder ao site da WeValue: Formação Avançada.

Maria José Trindade graduated in Geology (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon), also has a Master degree in Dynamic Geology (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon) and a PhD degree in Geosciences (University of Aveiro). She also has a specialization in Gemology and Diamond Grading (Portuguese Gemological Institute).

She has scientific experience in different areas, such as geochemistry, mineralogy, igneous petrology, volcanology, sedimentary basin analysis, clay deposits, external geodynamics, archaeometry, weathering of stone built heritage and compositional characterization of historic tiles. More recently, she obtained experience in the study of gemstone’s properties used for their identification and separation from fakes (synthetic and artificial substances).

Her professional activities, as a FCT post-doctoral researcher, have been developed in the Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (Nuclear and Technological Campus of Technical Superior Institute) and she also collaborates with Geobiotec research center (University of Aveiro). Her work has been dedicated to the application of nuclear methods and mineralogical analysis to characterize geologic and ceramic samples in studies regarding distribution of trace elements and natural radionuclides (U, Th and K) in superficial environments, as well as in provenance studies of archaeological shards and cultural heritage studies.

She is author of several scientific papers in national and international journals and proceedings of scientific meetings, in addition to dozens of oral and poster presentations in international and national conferences, in a few as invited lecturer. She was awarded as “best poster” and “young investigator” in two European scientific meetings. She is also a reviewer of scientific papers and was a member of the scientific committee of a congress and a symposium held in Lisbon.  

Mineral Waters: Genesis, Exploitation, Protection and Valorisation – MinWat2017

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The 2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Mineral Waters: Genesis, Exploitation, Protection and Valorisation – MinWat2017 – will take place next year late March (26 to 31) in Luso (Portugal).

The theme is important, the natural setting idyllic and the organising committee is top-notch (although I shouldn’t say so, as two great friends of mine are part of it); where else should you be? To know more just follow the link to the Conference’s webpage.

Duas novas autorizações de exploração semi-industrial para cooperativas na Lunda Sul

De acordo com notícia publicada no Novo Jornal, o Ministério de Geologia e Minas deu autorização a duas cooperativas para a exploração semi-industrial de diamantes na Lunda Sul.

As autorizações foram dadas às cooperativas Linga Tchimwe (numa área de 54 km2) e Kulha (9 km2). Os direitos são atribuídos por um ano, podendo ser prorrogados por quatro.

Angola é um dos principais produtores mundiais de diamantes, tendo extraído  em 2015 mais de nove milhões de quilates (menos de duas toneladas), com um valor de quase 1.200 milhões de dólares ( a um preço médio em torno de 130 USD/ct).

Of lions, diamonds and nymphs (Angola trip, last week)


I have just finished an exploratory trip to a new alluvial project in Lunda Norte. Travelled by dirt road from Saurimo to Lucapa between the Luachimo and Chiumbe rivers and back on the “normal” road (Lucapa – Luó – Saurimo, in between the Luachimo and Chicapa rivers). It’s a land of lions, diamonds and nymphs, it’s the heartland of the Angolan diamond deposits.

Later on, I visited Luanda and had a short (close to) perfect trip just after the Barra do Cuanza. I have just published the photo gallery of last weeks’ travels on my blog; this photo is just the first of my favourites.