Africa Mining Finance Guide by Mining Journal

Africa Mining Finance Guide by Mining Journal

How to finance mining projects in Africa?

“Finance for Africa’s natural resource development, and vital related infrastructure, has been a hot topic for a decade, if not longer.

Now, with a less certain global economic outlook and weaker mining equity and debt markets narrowing the project development pipeline, the spotlight is well and truly on financing options, challenges and trends related to the next wave of African mining developments.”

JUST RELEASED: Kimberlite Provinces of Angola Map by Sínese

The Kimberlite Provinces of Angola Map has just been released (in pdf format, A1 size). To get it, just click this link or write me an e-mail ( This map follows the release in last October of our report “One century of Angolan diamonds”, which you can still get here or writing me an e-mail.

This is a project developed by  Chambel, Correia and Caetano, the 3 Cs of Angolan diamonds 😉 . You can follow us here, our (never perfect, continuously improving) blog or at Linkedin (look for and follow Sinese in Linkedin), joining the Diamonds – Angola Linkedin group or connecting with me. You can always write me an e-mail

Comments, suggestions, questions, help requests, project proposals, joint research projects on economic geology always welcome.

Uso da bicicleta como meio de transporte em Lisboa

Tiago Cardoso está a conduzir um inquérito sobre a experiência da utilização de bicicletas em Lisboa no âmbito da tese mestrado dele. O inquérito é dirigido, quer a utilizadores quer a não-utilizadores. Se tiverem 10 minutos (são mesmo 10 minutos), ele, eu  e o planeta agradecemos.